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"exclusively" Russian translation

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exclusively {adverb}

exclusively {adv.} (also: excluding, exceptionally, only, solely)

исключительно [исключи́тельно] {adv.}

exclusive {adverb}

exclusive {adjective}

exclusive {adj.} (also: exceptional, exceptive, out of the way, particular)

исключительный [исключи́тельный] {adj. m}
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Synonyms (English) for "exclusively":

Synonyms (English) for "exclusive":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "exclusively" in Russian

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And we manufacture them ourselves, exclusively in Switzerland.

Все компоненты наших ручек полностью производятся в Швейцарии.

But in Niger, for example, less than seven percent of the children are breastfed for the first six months of life, exclusively.

Но, например, в Нигере меньше 7% детей получают грудное молоко в первые 6 месяцев.

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