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English-Russian translation for "holing"


"holing" Russian translation

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holing {noun}

holing {noun}

подбойка [подбо́йка] {f}

hole {noun}

hole {noun} (also: tear)

дыра [дыра́] {f}

hole {noun} (also: aperture, foramen, meatus, orifice)

отверстие [отве́рстие] {n}

hole {noun} (also: burrow, couch, den, lodge)

нора [нора́] {f}

hole {noun} (also: slit, slot, recess, split)

прорезь [прорезь] {f}

hole {noun} (also: break, fossa, pit, recess)

ямка [ямка] {f}

hole {noun} (also: fix, hobble, predicament, quandary)

hole {noun}

шпур [шпур] {m}

hole {noun}

урочище [уро́чище] {n}

to hole {verb}

прорыть [проры́ть] {vb}

to hole [holed|holed] {vb} (also: to honeycomb)

продырявить [продыря́вить] {vb}
просверлить [просверлить] {vb}


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