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English-Russian translation for "illegitimate"


"illegitimate" Russian translation

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illegitimate {adjective}

illegitimate {adj.} (also: bastard, rose, misbegot, base-born)

незаконнорожденный [незаконнорожденный] {adj. m}

illegitimate {adj.} (also: illegal, illicit, irregular, outlaw)

незаконный [незако́нный] {adj. m}

to illegitimate {verb}

legitimate {adjective}

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Synonyms (English) for "illegitimate":

Synonyms (English) for "legitimate":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "illegitimate" in Russian

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And race is an illegitimate concept which our selves have created based on fear and ignorance.

А раса - это необоснованное понятие, изобретенное нами вследствие страха и невежества.

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