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to induce {verb}

to induce [induced|induced] {vb} (also: to cause, to summon, to have, to get)

to induce [induced|induced] {vb} (also: to actuate, to goad, to stimulate, to incite)

to induce [induced|induced] {vb} (also: to propel, to pep, to promote, to quicken)

to induce [induced|induced] {vb} (also: to convince, to argue, to reason, to exhort)

to induce [induced|induced] {vb} (also: to force, to compel, to cause, to oblige)

to induce [induced|induced] {vb} (also: to vail, to incline, to inflect, to over-persuade)

склонять [склоня́ть] {vb}
индуктировать [индуктировать] {vb}

to induce [induced|induced] {vb} (also: to condition, to determine)

обуславливать [обусла́вливать] {vb}


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Context sentences for "to induce" in Russian

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The third problem with headphones is this: deafness -- noise-induced hearing disorder.

Третья проблема наушников вот в чём: глухота — это вызванное шумом нарушение слуха.

And then we have the human-induced causes of climate change as well.

Кроме того, есть еще и антропогенные факторы изменения климата.

The ant's brain has been hijacked by a parasite that infects the brain, inducing suicidal behavior.

Паразит захватил мозг муравья в заложники и управляет им, вызывая самоубийственное поведение.

And that material induced the body to switch back on a healing response that it didn't have before.

И этот материал побудил тело включить лечащую реакцию которой не было до этого.

I was wrapped in ice and then eventually put into a drug-induced coma.

Меня завернули в лёд и ввели в искусственную кому.

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