EN to induce
[induced|induced] {verb}

to induce (also: to bring back, to bring on, to call, to call forth)
to induce (also: to actuate, to foment, to impel, to incite)
to induce (also: to pep, to promote, to propel, to quicken)
to induce (also: to admonish, to argue, to convince, to exhort)
to induce (also: to cause, to compel, to force, to oblige)
to induce (also: to incline, to propel, to sway, to inflect)
склонять [склоня́ть] {vb}
to induce
индуктировать [индуктировать] {vb}
to induce (also: to determine, to condition)
обуславливать [обусла́вливать] {vb}