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English-Russian translation for "jerk"


"jerk" Russian translation

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jerk {noun}

jerk {noun} (also: pushup, physical drill)

зарядка [заря́дка] {f}

jerk {noun} (also: nothingness, nullity, cipher, insect)

ничтожество [ничто́жество] {n}

jerk {noun} (also: wet)

сопляк [сопля́к] {m}

jerk {noun} (also: push, shock, impulse, beat)

толчок [толчо́к] {m}

jerk {noun} (also: flounce, hoik, hoick, flick)

jerk {noun}

ублюдок [ублю́док] {m}

jerk {noun} (also: jump, start, wince)

вздрагивание [вздрагивание] {n}

jerk {noun} (also: soda-fountain)

сатуратор [сатура́тор] {m}

jerk {noun}

судорожное подергивание [судорожное подёргивание] {n}

jerk {noun} [vulg.]

подонок [подо́нок] {noun} [vulg.]

to jerk {verb}

рвануть [рвануть] {vb}
дрыгать [дры́гать] {ipf. v.} [coll.]
дергаться [дёргаться] {r. v.}

to jerk [jerked|jerked] {vb} (also: to shrug, to lug, to pull at, to twitch)

дергать [дёргать] {vb}

to jerk [jerked|jerked] {vb} (also: to plunk)



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Ever since that Jayson Blair jerk ruined it for all of us.

C тех пор, как этот зануда Джейсон Блэр у нас все разрушил.

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