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English-Russian translation for "nutrition"


"nutrition" Russian translation

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nutrition {noun}

nutrition {noun} (also: food, nourishment, board, meal)

еда [еда́] {f}

nutrition {noun} (also: food, nourishment, board, alimentation)

питание [пита́ние] {n}

nutrition {noun} (also: food, nourishment, board, aliment)

пища [пи́ща] {f}
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Context sentences

Context sentences for "nutrition" in Russian

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I'm the Director of Nutrition Services for the Berkeley Unified School District.

Я директор службы питания объединения районных школ в Беркли.

And you're going to provide all the nutrition that they could possibly want with no effort on their part.

И вы снабжаете их всеми питательными веществами без усилий с их стороны.

We have taught them nutrition, hygiene.

Мы обучили их этому искусству, рассказали о гигиене.

Mosquitoes actually live ... their day-to-day nutrition comes from nectar, from flowers -- in fact, in the lab, we feed ours raisins -- but the female needs the blood meal.

Москиты питаются нектаром, из цветов — в лаборатории мы кормим наших изюмом — но самкам нужна кровь.

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