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English-Russian translation for "recess"


"recess" Russian translation

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recess {noun}

recess {noun} (also: vacation)

каникулы [кани́кулы] {}

recess {noun} (also: hole, slit, slot, split)

прорезь [прорезь] {f}

recess {noun} (also: socket, pit, lacuna, hollow)

углубление [углубле́ние] {n}

recess {noun} (also: dent, cannelure, coulisse, chamfer)

выемка [вы́емка] {f}

recess {noun} (also: alcove, niche)

ниша [ни́ша] {f}

recess {noun} (also: nook)

recess {noun} (also: break, hole, fossa, pit)

ямка [ямка] {f}

recess {noun}

выточка [вы́точка] {f}

recess {noun}

уединенное место [уединённое место] {n}

to recess {verb}



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Context sentences

Context sentences for "recess" in Russian

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I noticed that at recess, she was the girl who picked the other girls to be on her team.

Я заметил, что на переменах именно она выбирала девчонок себе в команду.

AXIS M3011 and AXIS M3014 are also available for recessed mounting in drop ceilings.

Камеры AXIS M3011 и AXIS M3014 доступны также для скрытой установки на подвесных потолках.

We'll see the same thing in the economic recession we're having now.

И то же будет, уверяю вас, с нынешним экономическим кризисом.

And what's crazy -- there's a recession going on, even in Dubai, but you wouldn't know by the prices.

С дороги" И что невероятно -- рецессия везде, даже в Дубае, но вы не догадаетесь по ценам.

to cause a recession

вызывать экономический спад

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