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English-Russian translation for "spicy"


"spicy" Russian translation

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spicy {adjective}

spicy {adj.}

spicy {adj.} (also: zippy, bouncy, spirited, spry)

живой [живо́й] {adj. m}

spicy {adj.} (also: piercing, splitting, strong, subtle)

острый [о́стрый] {adj. m}

spicy {adj.} (also: zippy, zesty, spirited, strenuous)

энергичный [энерги́чный] {adj. m}

spicy {adj.}

пикантный [пика́нтный] {adj. m}

spicy {adj.}

пряный [пря́ный] {adj. m}

spicy {adj.} (also: sharp, acute, pungent, biting)

острый [о́стрый] {adj.}

spicy {adj.} (also: piquant, savoury, cunning, poignant)

пикантный [пика́нтный] {adj.}

spicy {adj.} (also: hot, gingery, rich)

пряный [пря́ный] {adj.}


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with spicy trees ♫

♫ где растут пряности, ♫

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