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wage: engage · pay · earnings

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English-Russian translation for "to wager"


"to wager" Russian translation

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to wager {verb}

to wager [wagered|wagered] {vb} (also: to toss, to parlay, to lay a wager, to bet)

to wager [wagered|wagered] {vb} (also: to chance, to risk, to hazard, to dare)

????????? [??????????] {vb}

wager {noun}

wager {noun} (also: stake, rate, parlay, venture)

?????? [???????] {f}

wager {noun} (also: bet, betting, parlay, lay)

???? [?????] {n}

to wage {verb}

to wage [waged|waged] {vb} (also: to spend, to experiment, to pass, to navigate)

????????? [??????????] {vb}

In other words, the average person on the average wage could not afford a candle in 1800.

Другими словами, средний человек со средней зарплатой не мог себе позволить свечу в 1800 году.

central wage bargaining

централизованные переговоры о размере заработной платы

commercial wage worker

торговый наемный рабочий

case for wage claims

аргументы в пользу требования повышения заработной платы

Approximate collection rate of 11 sheep per hour, which would make a working wage of 69 cents per hour.

Примерная скорость собирания – 11 овец в час, что дает зарплату в 69 центов [21 руб.]в час.


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