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to eat up {vb}

EN to eat up

to eat up (also: to leave off, to swallow, to eat away at, to miss out)


to eat up (also: to absorb, to burn up, to drain, to expend)
to eat up (also: to jest, to spend, to outwear, to lay out)

"finish meal"

to eat up
terminar de comer {vb}
to eat up (also: to come to an end, to end, to end up, to finish)

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to eat verb
up adverb
to up verb
up! interjection

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EnglishI fear that we are in danger of creating certain agencies that will eat up the Community budget and of complicating work which could be carried out through them.
Afortunadamente, hay muchas organizaciones honradas y trabajadoras que están haciendo un gran esfuerzo por promover la Unión Europea y la cooperación.
EnglishThis is not possible at the moment at global level, but we must take action at long last, before the emissions from aviation eat up all the savings we have made in other economic sectors.
En este momento esto no es posible a escala mundial, pero debemos tomar medidas antes de que las emisiones de la aviación anulen todos los ahorros que hemos realizado en otros sectores económicos.