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"to pace up and down" Spanish translation

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to pace up and down {verb}

to pace up and down {vb} [idiom]

andar vuelta y vuelta {vb} [idiom]
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This being the case, it is down to Parliament to provide something of an incentive and motivate you to keep up the pace of reform.

Siendo así, el Parlamento debe proporcionarles algún incentivo y motivarles para que sigan adelante con las reformas.

However, we are now increasingly seeing – but not really registering – this new kind of slave pacing up and down our streets.

Sin embargo, ahora vemos cada vez más – aunque sin darnos cuenta realmente– a este nueva clase de esclavas deambulando por nuestras calles.

At the same time, the pace of death sentences handed down and of executions carried out by the regime has picked up, and is already more than twice that seen in 2002.

Simultáneamente, el ritmo de sentencias de muerte dictadas y de ejecuciones llevadas a efecto por el régimen ha aumentado y ya duplica con creces el registrado en 2002.

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