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power of attorney {noun}

power of attorney {noun} [law] (also: proxy)

poder {m} [law]

According to information from the BBC, France wanted a power of attorney of general, worldwide scope, not just for Somalia, but was fortunately unable to win through on this.

Según la información proporcionada por la BBC, Francia pretendía obtener un poder de alcance general, mundial, y no sólo restringido a Somalia, pero por desgracia no pudo obtenerlo.

This particularly concerns powers of attorney affecting future legal protection, which must be enforced in the European Member States.

Esto atañe de manera particular a los poderes de representación relativos a una futura protección jurídica que los Estados miembros han de ejecutar.

power of attorney {noun} [law]

poder legal {m} [law]

power of attorney {noun} [law]

carta poder {m} [law]
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