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EN since

since (also: as, because, for, for the reason that)
since (also: from, by, of)
since (also: from)

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EnglishWell, since I'm not seeing the hand, it appears that what I'm stating is true.
kwa kuwa sioni mkono wowote inaonekana ninachokiongea kuwa ni sahihi Bono:ndio Andrew Mwenda: naona bono anasema anaijua nchi hiyo.
EnglishWe need a CO2 tax, revenue neutral, to replace taxation on employment, which was invented by Bismarck -- and some things have changed since the 19th century.
Tunahitaji kodi ya CO2, mapato yatakayoondoa ushuru kwenye ajira, ambao ulivumbuliwa na Bismark -- na mambo mengine yamebadilika toka karne ya 19.

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