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"agapes" English translation

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agapes {noun}

agapes {f pl} (also: festin)

slap-up {noun} [Brit.]

agape {noun}

agape {m} [rel.]

agape {noun} [rel.]

Agape is a Birthright.

Agape Is a Birthright

La miséricorde - telle que le Christ l'a présentée dans la parabole de l'enfant prodigue - a la forme intérieure de l'amour qui, dans le Nouveau Testament, est appelé agapè.

Mercy - as Christ has presented it in the parable of the prodigal son - has the interior form of the love that in the New Testament is called agape.

agape {noun}

agape {m} [rel.]

agape {noun} [rel.]

agape {adjective}

bouche bée {adj.}

agape (of person) {adj.}

grand ouvert {adj.}

agape (of person) {adj.}

agape {adverb}

bouche bée {adv.}

agape {adv.}
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Synonyms (French) for "agapes":

Synonyms (French) for "agape":

Synonyms (English) for "agape":


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Context sentences for "agapes" in English

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Des agapes en commun favorisent le rapprochement des positions, paraît-il.

It is said that meals taken together are a good way to get closer.

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