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French-English translation for "bonheur de l'amour"


"bonheur de l'amour" English translation

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bonheur de l'amour {noun}

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Context sentences

Context sentences for "bonheur de l'amour" in English

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De nombreuses années de bonheur et d'amour auprès de sa famille l'attendent.

I know that he has many wonderful, enjoyable and loving years ahead with his family.

La résurrection du péché est le secret de l'amour éternel et de bonheur.

The resurrection of sin is the secret of everlasting love and happiness.

Au cours de sa courte vie, elle a trouvé l'amour et le bonheur auprès de son époux, Shannon England, et de ses deux petites filles.

In her short life, she found happiness and love with her husband, Shannon England, and her two very young daughters.

Respect et amour bien mérités pour un homme qui a consacré l'ensemble de sa carrière politique au bien-être et au bonheur de ses concitoyens.

Mayor" - well-deserved respect and love for a man who devoted his entire political career to the welfare and happiness of his fellow citizens.

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