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French-English translation for "collégien"


"collégien" English translation

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collégien {noun}

collégien {m} [educ.] (also: écolier)

schoolboy {noun} [educ.]

se conduire comme un collégien

to behave like an overgrown schoolboy

collégien {m} (also: collégienne)

schoolkid (junior) {noun} [coll.]
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Synonyms (French) for "collégien":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "collégien" in English

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Comparé au ministre des Finances, il fait figure de collégien.

Compared to the Minister of Finance he sounds like some kind of economic piker.

Au niveau national, les crédits du Fonds social collégien sont répartis entre les académies en fonction de l'effectif des élèves pondéré par un ensemble de critères sociaux.

At the national level, credits from the fund are distributed among the regional education authorities on the basis of pupil numbers and a weighting factor reflecting certain social criteria.

Le ministère de l'Education nationale soutient plus largement tous les projets de parrainage permettant à un lycéen d'accompagner un collégien ou un écolier au cours de l'année scolaire.

The Ministry of Education gives wider support to all mentoring projects which allow a lycée student to give support to a pupil at a secondary or primary school in the course of the school year.

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