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connais tu
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connaître verb
TU noun
tu pronoun
taire verb

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Frenchtu connais celle de…
Frenchest-ce que tu connais l'histoire de…?
FrenchDe même, on a élaboré la brochure : : "Connais-tu ou emploies-tu des mineurs ?
In addition, a leaflet was designed bearing the message: “Do you know minors?
FrenchParce que tu ne me connais pas... et que tu n'as jamais eu envie de me connaître.
That's because you don't know me...... and you never cared to find out.
FrenchDoreen, tu me connais pas bien, et ce que tu connais... t'as pas l'air d'aimer.
You know, Doreen, you don't know me very well and what you do know...... you don't seem to like very much.
French. ~~~ Lui connais-tu un homonyme? ~~~ "
Do you know of any whose name is worthy to be mentioned along with His (as Deity and Lord to worship)?
FrenchMais Bashir, mon ami, tu connais mieux ton Afrique natale que moi.
But, Mr Bashir, you know your native Africa better than I do.
FrenchTu connais mes sentiments, Tom, mais je dois y réfléchir.
You know how I feel, Tom, but I just want to think it over.
FrenchEn plus tu connais Antoine, tu connais la vie difficile...
You know Antoine better and you know the hard life
FrenchTu connais Soudain L'Été Dernier de Tennessee Williams ?
You know Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams?
FrenchManifestement, tu ne connais pas bien l'analyse.
Obviously, you're not familiar with analysis.
FrenchTu connais tous mes péchés, ma situation et mes dépendances.
FrenchDe toi tu parles ou quelqu'un que tu connais ?
The fear of loss is a path to the dark side.
FrenchDe toi tu parles ou quelqu'un que tu connais ?
Yourself you speak of, or someone you know?
FrenchJe veux savoir si tu connais ton boulot.
I want to see how boned up on the job you are.
Frenchtu ne les connais pas? tu n'y perds rien
don't you know them? you're not missing much
Frenchest-ce que tu connais quelqu'un qui le ferait ?
FrenchComment ça, tu connais pas Benny Alvarez ?
FrenchTu me connais, quand je commence.
You know what I'm like when I get started.
FrenchPutain, me dis pas que tu le connais.