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French-English translation for "flageolant"


"flageolant" English translation

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flageolant {adjective}

flageolant {adj. m} (also: branlant, bancale)

wonky {adj.}

flageoler {verb}

flageoler [flageolant|flageolé] {vb} (also: froisser, s'éffriter, effriter)

flageolant (Participe présent)

crumbling (Present participle)
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Synonyms (French) for "flageolant":

Synonyms (French) for "flageoler":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "flageolant" in English

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il était flageolant de fatigue

he was weak at the knees with tiredness

je me sens un peu flageolant

I feel a bit shaky

Nous avons les taux d'intérêts les plus élevés du monde, un euro toujours aussi flageolant, une récession à nos portes.

The outcome of pursuing monetary policy in the manner of a frightened old man is clear. Sooner or later, governments will be forced towards budgetary expansion.

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