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French-English translation for "grincer"


"grincer" English translation

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grincer {verb}

grincer [grinçant|grincé] {vb} (also: râper)

grincer [grinçant|grincé] {vb} (also: glapir)

to squeak {vb}

grincer [grinçant|grincé] {vb} (also: hurler)

grincer [grinçant|grincé] (des dents) {v.i.}

grincer des dents

to gnash one's teeth


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Context sentences

Context sentences for "grincer" in English

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Les rouages de la justice grinçaient lentement.

The wheels of justice were grinding slowly.

Rappelez -vous donc la dernière nuit où vous avez entendu passer un long train de marchandises: il fait du bruit, il sent mauvais et les freins grincent.

Just think about when you hear a good old freight train in the middle of the night; it is loud, it stinks and the brakes squeal.

L'opposition commence sans doute à se rendre compte que si l'on ne remplace pas la machine gouvernementale, le roulement va se mettre à grincer, voire se bloquer complètement.

Probably the opposition is starting to realize that until we replace the machines on that side the bearings will be squealing all the time, or seized.

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