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French-English translation for "mon chou"


"mon chou" English translation

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mon chou {interjection}

mon chou {interj.} [humor.]

honey {interj.}

Je voulais me rapprocher de toi, mon chou.

Well, I just wanted to get a little closer toyou, honey.

Non mon chou, par ici.

No, honey, this way.

Parfait mon chou.

Wonderful, honey.

Bonjour, mon chou !

Morning, honey.

mon chou {interj.} [humor.] (also: ma chérie)

my darling {interj.}
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Context sentences

Context sentences for "mon chou" in English

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Ne m'abandonne jamais mon chou.

Please, don't ever leave me, baby.

Mon chou, ça va bien ?

Sweetie, are you OK?

J'assure, mon chou.

Hey, that's what I do, baby.

Salut, mon chou.

Hey, sweetie.

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