×Infinitive of mordras: mordre


mordre: piquer · entamer · attaquer

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French-English translation for "mordras"

Infinitive of mordras: mordre

"mordras" English translation

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mordre {verb}

mordre [mordant|mordu] {vb} (also: croquer)

tu mordras (Indicatif futur)

you will bite (Future)

tu mordras (Indicatif futur)

you will be biting (Future continuous)

tu mordras (Indicatif futur)

you will bit (Future)

tu mordras (Indicatif futur)

you will be bitting (Future continuous)

mordre [mordant|mordu] {vb} (also: abîmer, pincer, faire un saut quelque part, boire une goutte)

tu mordras (Indicatif futur)

you will nip (Future)

tu mordras (Indicatif futur)

you will be nipping (Future continuous)

mordre [mordant|mordu] (croire naïvement) {v.i.} [coll.]

to fall for it {vb} [coll.]
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