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Vas-y! {interjection}

Vas-y! {interj.}

Do your stuff! {interj.}


vas-y [ex.]

bring it on [coll.] [ex.]

vas-y ! {interjection}

vas-y ! {interj.} (also: allez-y !)

fire away! {interj.} [coll.]
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Nous connaissons tous le dicton "si tu ne sais pas où tu vas, tu n'y arriveras pas".

It is a well-known saying that 'if you don't know where you're going, then you won't get there' .

Alors vas y, tues le, Allez va y, c'est ça que tu veux?

Go ahead, kill him, Come on, Come on, That what you want?

Mais si tu n'y vas pas, tu ne toucheras pas un sou.

lf you don't show up for work, you won't get an advance.

C'était pas prévu, mais si t'y vas pas... ils vont nous dégager et alors, adieu le type.

I know this wasn't the plan, but if you don't get in and fight...... they'll throw us out and we'll never find this guy.

Tu veux construire un radeau, vas-y!

You wanna build a raft, build a raft!

Vas-y d'un pas régulier, mon ami,

Go steady my friend, go steady,

Vas-y, Brand, mets la langue!

Come on, Brand, slip her the tongue.

Comme le dit un proverbe africain, "si tu veux aller vite, vas-y seul, mais si tu veux aller loin, alors il faut y aller ensemble".

There is an African saying that if you want to travel fast, walk alone; if you want to travel far, walk together.

S'il est distrait, vas-y, frappe doublement.

Tax him double if he's rash;

Vas y, plus vite, allez, allez.

Come on, come on, Get down,

Vas-y le fisc, frappe aussi sa femme et ses petits,

Tax whatever gives him joy;

Vas-y, fais-moi un sermon.

Preach me a sermon, Pablo.

Allez vas y, tues ma famille,

Go ahead, Kill my family,

Vas-y, pique ta crise!

Have a shit fit, why don't you!

Vas-y, tue-moi tout de suite.

Go ahead, kill me now.

Vas-y Randy, prends les deux heures.

Take two hours, Randy.

Vas-y, Audrey, dis-lui.

What do you wanna do?

Vas-y, ouvre la porte!

Virge, open the door.

Vas-y, B, montre-lui.

Come on, B, show her.

Ouais, vas-y, Tony.

Yeah, sure, go on, Tony.

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