Art , Sorte {noun}
 · 品种

Art {noun}
支付类型 · 举止 ·  · 词条 · 行为

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Art: Verfahren · Modus · Betriebsart

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Art , Sorte {noun}

品种 [pǐnzhǒng] {noun}

Art {noun}

Art {f} (also: Zahlungsweise, Zahlungsart)

支付类型 [zhīfùlèixíng] {noun}

Art {f} (also: Verhalten , Benehmen)

举止 [jǔzhǐ] {noun}

Art {f} (also: Kategorie)

[lèi] {noun}

Art , Sorte

Art {f} (also: Artikel, Stichwort)

词条 [cítiáo] {noun}

Art {f} (also: Akte, Akt, Tat, Handlung)

行为 [xíngwéi] {noun}
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