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German-English translation for "Blech"


"Blech" English translation

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Blech {noun}

Blech (Blechbläser) {n} [mus.] (also: Blechbläser)

brass {noun} [mus.]

Blech {n} (also: Betttuch, Bettuch, Bettlaken, Bogen)

Blech (Backblech) {n} (also: Ablage, Ablagekorb, Ablagekasten)

tray {noun}

Blech {n} (also: Walzblech)

Blech {n}

sheeting (of iron, tin) {noun}

Blech {n} [coll.] (also: Orden, Lametta)

gong (medal) {noun} [Brit.] [coll.]

Blech (Orden) {n} [coll.]

medals {pl}

Blech (Unsinn) {n} [coll.] (also: Flause, Flausen, Stuss, Pipifax)

nonsense {noun}

Blech (Unsinn) {n} [coll.] (also: Stuss, Mumpitz, Kokolores, Geraffel)

rubbish {noun}

Blech (Platte) {n}

metal plate {noun}

Blech (Orden) {n} [coll.] (also: Lametta)

gongs {pl} [coll.]

Blech (Unsinn) {n} [coll.] (also: Mumpitz)

tripe {noun} [coll.]

Blech (Backblech) {n}

baking tray {noun}

Blech (Platte) {n}

metal sheet {noun}

Blech {n} (also: Walzblech)


Blech (also: Weißblech)

blechen {verb}

blechen [blechte|geblecht] {vb} [coll.] (also: begleichen, bezahlen, zahlen, entrichten)

blechen [blechte|geblecht] {vb} [coll.] (also: lockern)

blechen [blechte|geblecht] {vb} [coll.]

blechen [blechte|geblecht] {vb} [coll.]

blechen [blechte|geblecht] {vb} [coll.]

to shell out {vb} [coll.]

blechen [blechte|geblecht] (zahlen) {vb} [coll.] (also: berappen)

to fork out (to pay) {vb} [coll.]

blechen [blechte|geblecht] {v.t.} [coll.]

to cough up {v.t.} [coll.]


Synonyms (German) for "Blech":

Synonyms (German) for "blechen":


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Geben wir Ratchet gehörig eins aufs Blech!

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