grantig {adjective}
grumpy · huffy · grouchy · bad-tempered

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grantig: unleidlich Language World Cup 2015

Ich liebe dich 大好きです

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grantig {adjective}

grantig {adj.} [Southger.] [coll.] (also: knatschig)

grumpy {adj.}

grantig {adj.} [Southger.] [coll.]

huffy {adj.}

grantig {adj.} [Southger.] [coll.] (also: griesgrämig, miesepetrig, nörglerisch)

grouchy {adj.} [coll.]

grantig {adj.} [Southger.] [coll.] (also: übellaunig, schlecht gelaunt)

bad-tempered {adj.}
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