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German-English translation for "Ölschiefer"


"Ölschiefer" English translation

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Ölschiefer {noun}

Ölschiefer {m} [geol.] (also: Bitumenschiefer)

bituminous shale {noun} [geol.]

Ölschiefer {m} [geol.] [comp.]

oil shale [geol.]

Es ist allerdings anzunehmen, dass bis dahin neue Reserven gefunden und bisher unwirtschaftliche Erdölquellen (z.B. Ölschiefer) ebenfalls genutzt werden.

However, it is to be assumed that new reserves will have been discovered by then, and previously unviable oil sources (e.g. oil shale) will be utilised.
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Usage examples

Usage examples for "Ölschiefer" in English

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Nun haben jedoch die Gesellschaften, die Öl aus Ölschiefer herstellen, offensichtlich ihre Preise im Rahmen eines Kartellabkommens beträchtlich erhöht.

This will totally distort competition in a market that is already stacked against independent renewable generators.

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