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"Schmettern" English translation

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Schmettern {noun}

blare (of trumpet, trombone) {noun}

schmettern {verb}

schmettern [schmetterte|geschmettert] {vb} [abbr. ] (also: hämmern)

to belt [belted|belted] {vb} [abbr. ]

schmettern [schmetterte|geschmettert] {v.t.} (also: rasen, schleudern)

schmettern [schmetterte|geschmettert] (schleudern) {v.t.} (also: ballern, donnern, pfeffern, schmeißen)

to smash {vb} [sports]

schmettern [schmetterte|geschmettert] {v.i.} (also: klirren, kollidieren, zusammengeraten, rasseln)

schmettern [schmetterte|geschmettert] {vb} (also: blenden, glänzen, grölen, brüllen)

schmettern [schmetterte|geschmettert] (laut spielen, singen usw.) {v.t.}

to bellow [bellowed|bellowed] (order) {v.t.}

schmettern [schmetterte|geschmettert] {v.i.} (also: rollen)

to blare out {v.i.}

schmettern [schmetterte|geschmettert] {vb} (also: voll herausbringen)

to belt out {vb} [coll.]

schmettern [schmetterte|geschmettert] (laut spielen, singen usw.) {v.t.}

to blare out (march, music) {v.t.}

schmettern [schmetterte|geschmettert] (laut spielen, singen usw.) {v.t.}

to sing lustily (song) {v.t.}


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Sie öffneten ihre Noten, der Dirigent gab den Einsatz, und, tada!, sie schmetterten das Kyrie von Mozarts "Requiem".

They opened their scores, the conductor gave the downbeat, and boom, they launched into the Kyrie from the "Requiem" by Mozart.

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