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German-English translation for "Viecher"


"Viecher" English translation

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Viecher {noun}

Viecher {pl} [zool.] [coll.]

animals {noun} [zool.]

Viech {noun}

Viech {n} [abbr. ]

creature [abbr. ]

Seltsame Namen, aber ich habe Euch die lateinischen Bezeichnungen dieser Viecher erspart.

By the way, all these weird names -- I didn't bother you with the Latin names of these creatures, okay, just the popular names.

Viech (Mensch) {n} [vulg.] (also: Schwein, Drecksack, Hirsch, Knilch)

bastard {noun} [coll.]

Viech {n} [coll.]

critter {noun} [coll.]

All der Krach von diesem kleinen Viech.

All that noise from this tiny critter.
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Context sentences for "Viecher" in English

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Wenn diese Viecher jetzt ihre Eier ablegen, werden sie in sechs Wochen schlüpfen.

When those guys, they'll lay their eggs now. They'll hatch out in six weeks.

Und er erklärte mir, dass wir diese Viecher eigentlich auslöschen sollten.

And he was telling me that really, we ought to try and eradicate these things.

Sind diese Viecher, also, wie kommen diese Viecher hierher?

So, are these things, how are these things getting here?

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