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You will find the newest translations suggested for the German-Turkish dictionary in the table below. Other users have made these suggestions, and you can help by letting us know what you think. Verify a German or Turkish word and vote for it to be added or deleted. There is also an option for you to make adjustments as you see fit.






Markus {pr.n.} [anat.] [Southger.] [polite] [ex.]

Mahmut {pr.n.} [anat.] [polite] [ex.]



Altersschwäche,Demenz (Geistesschwäche .....)





öne sürmek



sich verzögern soll




unbezwingbar , unkontrollierbar



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Are you missing a word in the German-Turkish dictionary? Or perhaps you know of a particular regional German phrase? If so, then here you can suggest your own additions to the German-Turkish dictionary. Simply use the two input fields here below.


Latest word suggestions by users: Altersschwäche,Demenz (Geistesschwäche .....), vorschieben,vorschlagen, sich verzögern soll, unbezwingbar , unkontrollierbar, unbezähmbar (more)

Why participate?

Everyone is welcome and can take part on The more users join us in making the world's foremost online German-Turkish dictionary, the better it will be. The German translation of a Turkish word or phrase can vary very heavily from one region to another. The more users from different places who add new German to Turkish translations, the more wide-ranging the German-Turkish dictionary becomes. With every new German and Turkish word added the dictionary becomes more useful for everyone. To make sure that the dictionary maintains a high standard all new German or Turkish words added need to be checked. Users look for spelling mistakes and other errors, and of course that the German-Turkish translation is correct. Once 10 users have proofed a new German or Turkish word, it is added to the dictionary. Until then the word will show up as unverified in the German-Turkish dictionary.
Take an active part on by registering and joining the community. As a registered member you earn points toward the world ranking whenever you contribute, for example by adding new Turkish words to the German-Turkish dictionary. Being unsure of a translation, or how to use an Turkish word, is no longer a problem. Simply ask other users in the German-Turkish forum where users answer questions on German-Turkish translation and other language related issues.

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