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ταχυμεταφέρω {vb}

to expedite {vb}



επανάληψη {noun}

rebroadcast {noun}



επανάληψη {noun}

rerun {noun}



είναι {vb}

is {vb}


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You might know some regional expressions or some brand-new Greek slang words but you cannot find their translations in our dictionary. If so, feel free to suggest new words and expressions and help us improve the dictionary database.


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Don't hesitate to join the community, it's a lot of fun! You can help us improve the quality and accuracy of the Greek-English dictionary so that it becomes the best and largest dictionary available online. To do so, you can add missing words, or suggest translations of new regional expressions or colloquial idioms that are popular. Languages evolve constantly and that is why it is really important for us to keep an up-to-date dictionary. Moreover, some terms might have more than one translations. For instance, an English word will translate differently in Greek depending on whether it is a general term or whether it applies to some specialized field; it could, for example, be a medical term, or an engineering term. This is why we need you to join today. As soon as you enter the community, you get points in the world ranking every time you make a contribution to the dictionary. users are very active and always happy to help, which is pretty convenient whenever you have a doubt about a grammar aspect or the translation of an idiomatic expression. Simply ask your question on the Greek-English forum, and someone will answer you as soon as possible.

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