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"perlengkapan" English translation

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perlengkapan {noun}

perlengkapan {noun} (also: dandanan, alat, peralatan, perangkatan)

equipment {noun}

Tanyakan perlengkapan pelindung apa yang ada.

Ask about what kind of protective equipment is available.

Berapa dana untuk perlengkapan pelindung?

What's the budget for protective equipment?

perlengkapan {noun} (also: alat, akal, rencana, lambang)

device {noun}

perlengkapan {noun} (also: sifat, lambang)

attribute {noun}

perlengkapan {noun} (also: alat, pakaian, roda gigi, perkakas)

gear {noun}

perlengkapan {noun} (also: tambahan, barang tambahan, alat ekstra, aksesori)

accessory {noun}

perlengkapan {noun} (also: alat, aparat, peralatan)

apparatus {noun}

perlengkapan {noun} (also: baju baja, baju besi, perlengkapan senjata, zirah)

armor {noun}

perlengkapan {noun} (also: alat alat)

appurtenance {noun}

perlengkapan {noun} (also: peralatan)

materiel {noun}

perlengkapan {noun} (also: pakaian)

outfit {noun}

perlengkapan {noun} (also: perhiasan-perhiasan)

perlengkapan {noun} [IT] (also: peranti keras, peralatan)

hardware {noun} [IT]

perlengkapan {pl} (also: perbekalan)


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