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Italian-English translation for "beluga"


"beluga" English translation

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beluga {noun}

beluga {m} [zool.]

beluga {noun} [zool.]

Vi mostrerò le foto di balene beluga, balene della Groenlandia, di narvali, orsi polari e foche leopardo ma questa foto significa per me molto più di tutte le altre che ho realizzato.

I'm going to show you pictures of beluga whales, bowhead whales, and narwhals, and polar bears, and leopard seals today, but this picture right here means more to me than any other I've ever made.

beluga {m} [zool.]

white whale {noun} [zool.]

beluga {noun}

beluga {m} [zool.]

beluga {noun} [zool.] (also: white whale)
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