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"Buone Feste!" English translation

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Buone Feste!

  Buone Feste! [idiom]

Season's greetings! (on Christmas cards) [idiom]
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Desideriamo augurare loro buone feste e pregarli di voler esserci d’aiuto anche l’anno prossimo.

We want to wish them a happy festive season and ask them to be just as helpful next year too.

auguri di buone feste

Season greetings

buone feste!

happy holidays!

Colgo l’ opportunità per farvi gli auguri di Buone feste e attendo con ansia il voto finale di giovedì.

Not all of them are feasible, but the new political situation may provide new openings and I will communicate my thoughts on that to you in January.

Signor Presidente, vorrei augurare buone feste a lei soprattutto, ma anche a tutti i colleghi che mi hanno cortesemente ascoltato e a tutti i deputati al Parlamento europeo.

I would like to wish you personally, Mr President, and all of your colleagues who have willingly listened to me, and indeed all of the members of the European Parliament, happy end of year holidays.

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