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This list shows you the most recent Italian translations supplied by users to the Italian-German dictionary. Before these are permanently included in the Italian-German dictionary as accurate translations, they need to be checked. You can help out by voting for the correct translations to be added and making any necessary changes to both German and Italian words.






ohne Gegenstimme





voto contrario




posizione fondamentale, atteggiamento fondamentale, atteggiamento di base




politica ambientale






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Perhaps there is an Italian-German translation missing? Did you search the Italian-German dictionary and not find the expression you were looking for? In the fields below you can suggest new entries to the Italian-German dictionary.


Latest word suggestions by users: Identität, fantasticheria, profetico, corteggiatore, schema delle rime (more)

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Take part and get active with the community by helping to improve the online dictionary. We aim to be the largest online Italian-German dictionary in the world, and you can help us do that. User contribution is the fastest means by which the Italian-German dictionary grows. For example, new translations and interpretations for Italian slang appear every day. Translations of an Italian word can change depending on which cultural group or what region it is from. Before these Italian translations become common, users can suggest them as additions to the Italian-German dictionary. Also, certain types of special translations can differ strongly. The same Italian term could have two very different translations in German depending on what scientific field it is used in.
Sign up now and become a registered member of the community. For any contributions you make, like adding new phrases or words to the Italian-German dictionary, you earn points toward the world ranking. If you want to add a new Italian word, but are unsure how it translates to German, other users are there to lend a helping hand. Post a query on the Italian-German forum and discuss topics like translations of common Italian phrases, Italian grammar and other things related to Italian language.

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