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Norwegian-English translation for "allikevel"


"allikevel" English translation

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allikevel {adverb}

allikevel {adv.} (also: uansett)

anyway {adv.}
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Context sentences

Context sentences for "allikevel" in English

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Allikevel er nesten all maisen vi spiser endret genetisk på en eller annen måte.

Yet almost all the corn we eat has been altered genetically in some way.

Enkelte nettsteder forhindrer allikevel nettleseren fra å endre tekststørrelsen.

Some websites prevent the browser from changing just text size.

Han vet at armen ikke er der men allikevel, det er en overbevisende følelsesopplevelse for pasienten.

He knows that the arm is not there, but, nevertheless, it's a compelling sensory experience for the patient.

Men han er allikevel en ekteskapsbryter, og ganske så sint.

But he's still an adulterer, and still quite angry.

Allikevel begynte søsknene å fremføre bluegrass, både kjente låter og sine egne, i ung alder.

Nonetheless, the siblings began performing bluegrass covers, as well as their own compositions, at a young age.

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