bzdety: bzdety · bzdury · głupstwa

bzdet: absurd · absurdum · androny

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Polish-English translation for "bzdety"


"bzdety" English translation

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bzdety {noun}

bzdety {f pl} (also: pomyje, bzdury)

hogwash {noun}

bzdety {f pl} [coll.] (also: pierdoły)

bollocks {noun} [Brit.] [vulg.]

bzdety {f pl} [coll.] (also: bzdury)

hooey {noun} [Amer.] [coll.]

bzdety {pl} (also: śmieci, odpadek, nieczystości, nieczystość)

garbage {noun}

bzdet {noun}

bzdet {m} [pej.]

garbage {} [pej.]

bzdet {m} [pej.]

junk {} [pej.]

bzdet {m} [pej.]

rubbish {} [pej.]

bzdet {m} [pej.]

worthless trinket {noun} [pej.]

bzdet {m} (also: breja, nieporządek, bałagan, bzdura)

crud {noun}

bzdet {m} [pej.]

trashy item {noun} [pej.]

bzdet {m} [coll.]

apeshit {noun} [Amer.] [vulg.]


Synonyms (Polish) for "bzdety":

Synonyms (Polish) for "bzdet":


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