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Eskimosi {noun}

Eskimosi {m pl}

Eskimo {pl}

Eskimosi {m pl}

Eskimos {pl}

Wrogami Wikingów na Grenlandii byli Inuici, Eskimosi, z którymi Wikingowie byli w złych stosunkach.

In the case of Norse Greenland, the hostiles were the Inuit -- the Eskimos sharing Greenland -- with whom the Norse got off to bad relationships.

Jednak zimny klimat nie musi być zgubny, bo Inuici, Eskimosi, radzili sobie na Grenlandii całkiem dobrze.

But a cold climate isn't necessarily fatal, because the Inuit -- the Eskimos inhabiting Greenland at the same time -- did better, rather than worse, with cold climates.
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Eskimosi wyjaśnili nam to podczas konsultacji.

The Inuits explained this during the consultation.

Tylko wtedy, gdy będziemy mieli do czynienia z wyraźnym rozróżnieniem produktów, Eskimosi będą mogli je sprzedawać.

Only if a clear distinction is made will the Inuits have the opportunity to sell anything.

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