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misiu {noun}

misiu {m} [dim.] (also: kochanie, laska)

honey (chick, babe) {noun} [fig.]

misiu {m} [dim.] (also: kochanie, skarb, misiaczek, misiu)

sweetie {noun}

misiu {m} [dim.] (also: misio)

little bear {noun}

misiu {m} (also: kochanie, skarb, misiaczek, misiu)

sweetie {noun}

misa {noun}

misa {f} (also: umywalka, miska, dorzecze, zagłębie)

basin {noun}
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Dach jest zrobiony z włókna... które znalazłem w starym misiu przytulance mojej siostry.

And the actual roof is made up of a fiber, which I found in my sister's old teddy bear.

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