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PL zaginiony

misper {noun} [Brit.] [coll.]

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PolishTo Zaginiony Monarcha na północnym wybrzeżu, odkryty w 1998 w Grove of Titans.
It dwells in the Grove of Titans on the north coast, and was discovered in 1998.
PolishJego kolega i współpracownik Mahamat Saleh jest nadal zaginiony.
His colleague and fellow opposition politician Mahamat Saleh remains missing.
PolishTam odkryli zaginiony świat... Powietrzny labirynt pełen nieznanego życia.
But they made it to the top, and what they found was not a Redwood desert, but a lost world -- a kind of three-dimensional labyrinth in the air, filled with unknown life.