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fodido {adjective}
fucked · rooted

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Fodida, senhor?...

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Portuguese-English translation for "fodida"

Showing results for "fodido". "fodida" is currently not in our dictionary.

"fodida" English translation

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fodido {adjective}

fodido {adj.} [vulg.]

fucked {adj.} [vulg.]

Prometo-te, Williams... assim que voltar, direi aos meus superiores o que é este fodido planeta.

I swear to you, Williams... as soon as I get back, I'm gonna tell my superiors about this fucked-up planet.

Agora estás fodido, Hamlet.

You're fucked up now, Hamlet.

Sabe o que foi mais fodido?

You know what the fucked up thing is?

Porque se for, eu estou fodido.

Cos if it is, i'm fucked.

Ficou tudo fodido!

Come on, fucked up!

fodido {adj.} [vulg.] (also: exausto, petrificado)

rooted {adj.} [coll.]
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Context sentences for "fodida" in English

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Fodida, senhor?

Thrown to lose, Sir?

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