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Portuguese-English translation for "inchado"


"inchado" English translation

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inchado {adjective}

inchado {adj.}

swollen {adj.}

Ele é sujo, inchado, e trasanda a Vodka!

He's dirty, swollen, and stinks like vodka!

inchado {adj.} (also: empanturrado)

bloated {adj.}

inchado {adj.} (also: bombástico, túrgido, intumescido)

turgid {adj.}

inchar {verb}

inchar [inchado|inchando] {vb} (also: pender, capturar, embolsar)

inchado (Particípio)

bagged (Past participle)

inchar [inchado|inchando] {vb} (also: avolumar, engrossar)

inchado (Particípio)

swollen; swelled (Past participle)

inchado (Particípio)

bloated (Past participle)

inchar [inchado|inchando] {vb} (also: ampliar, destruir, detonar, explodir)



Synonyms (Portuguese) for "inchado":

Synonyms (Portuguese) for "inchar":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "inchado" in English

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É usado para testar para cancro da próstata, mas existem muitas razões para a vossa próstata estar inchada.

It's used to test for prostate cancer, but there are all sorts of reasons why your prostate might be enlarged.

Aceitámos chamar vaca a animais estranhos, inchados com hormonas e alimentados com carcassas de ovelhas mortas; o resultado está à vista!

We have accepted as cows, strange animals which are puffed up with hormones and fed on dead sheep; and we've seen the result.

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