namorar: cortejar · galantear

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namorando {verb}

namorando {ger.}

dating {ger.} [coll.]

namorar {verb}

namorar [namorado|namorando] {vb} (also: galantear, cortejar)

namorando (Gerúndio)

courting (Present participle)

namorar [namorado|namorando] {vb} (also: galantear)

namorando (Gerúndio)

wooing (Present participle)

namorar [namorado|namorando] {vb} (also: flertar, paquerar)

namorando (Gerúndio)

flirting (Present participle)

  namorar [namorado|namorando] (desejar muito) {v.t.} (also: cobiçar)

  namorar [namorado|namorando] (tentar convencer) {v.t.}

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