pendão {noun}
standard · flag · tassel · pennon

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pendão: auriflama · balsão · bandeira

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Portuguese-English translation for "pendão"


"pendão" English translation

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pendão {noun}

pendão {m} (also: bandeira, escala, nível, norma)

standard {noun}

pendão {m} (also: bandeira, pavilhão, estandarte)

flag {noun}

pendão {m} (also: borla)

tassel {noun}

pendão {m}

pennon {noun}
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Synonyms (Portuguese) for "pendão":


Context sentences

Context sentences for "pendão" in English

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No interior da livraria Altro quando, o proprietário colocara um pendão com a frase "I love Milingo” ["Adoro Milingo”].

Inside the bookshop Altro quando, the owner had put up a banner bearing the phrase 'I love Milingo'.

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