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Portuguese-English translation for "revisar"


"revisar" English translation

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revisar {verb}

revisar {vb} (also: criticar, revistar)

revisar o conteúdo e conhecer o tipo de prova

to review the content and become familiar with the test format

revisar {vb} (also: deter, fiscalizar, travar, verificar)

revisar {vb} (also: examinar, investigar, ver, pesquisar)

revisar {vb} (also: rever, aprimorar)

revisar algo periodicamente

to revise sth now and again

revisar {vb} (also: corrigir)

revisar {v.t.} (also: remodelar, refazer)

to rework {v.t.}

revisar {v.t.} (also: corrigir)

to stet {v.t.}

revisar {vb} (also: examinar, verificar, revistar, repassar)

revisar {vb} (also: registrar, comprovar, ticar, marcar em uma lista)

revisar {vb} [Braz.] (also: copidescar, rever)

to copyedit {v.t.}

revisar {vb} [Braz.] (also: rever)

to copyread {v.t.}

revisar {vb} [Braz.] (also: rever mais uma vez)

to reproof (make new proof of) {v.t.}

revisar {vb} [print] [Braz.] (also: rever)

to proof {v.t.} [print]

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A alteraço nº 4 sobre o mecanismo de reviso para os países que mudem de opinio pode igualmente ser aceite.

Amendment No 4 on the review mechanism for countries who change their position, can also be accepted.

Revisem todas as cabines e todos os rincões do bote.

Search every cabin, every hold, down to the bilges.

revisar os freios e trocar o óleo

to inspect the brakes and change the oil

A data da reviso devia ser alterada para 1998 para tomar em consideraço o lapso de tempo já decorrido desde que o texto foi redigido.

The date of review should indeed be changed to 1998 to take account of the time that has lapsed since the text was drafted.

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