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Portuguese-English translation for "vadia"


"vadia" English translation

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vadia {adjective}

vadia {adj. f} [Braz.] [pej.]

O som de você gritando como uma vadia!

The sound of you screaming like a little bitch.

Chutas como se fosses uma vadia!

Throw kicks like a little bitch!

Nem pensar, vadia!

Hell, no, bitch!

E agora, vadia?

What now, bitch?

vadia {adj. f} (also: preguiçoso, vadio, ocioso, sem propósito)

idle {adj.}

vadia {adj. f} (also: preguiçosa, preguiçoso, indolente, vadio)

lazy {adj.}

vadia {noun}

vadia {f} (also: vagabundo)

vagabond {noun}

vadia {f}

vagrant {noun}

vadia {f}

goer (woman) {noun} [Brit.] [pej.]

vadia {f} [vulg.] (also: puta, prostituta, biscate)

ho {noun} [Amer.] [slg.]

vadiar {verb}

vadiar {v.i.}

vadiar {v.i.}

vadiar {v.i.} [Braz.] [coll.]

vadiar {vb} (also: hesitar, tardar, flertar)

vadiar {vb} (also: perder tempo)

vadiar {vb}

to lie about (be lazy) {vb}

vadiar {vb}

to loaf about {vb} [coll.]

vadiar (mandriar) {v.i.}

vadiar {vb} (also: fazer nada)

vadiar {vb}

to bum around (be lazy) {vb} [coll.]


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