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Romanian-English translation for "gen muzical"


"gen muzical" English translation

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gen muzical {noun}

gen muzical {n} [mus.]

music genre {noun} [mus.]

gen muzical {n} [mus.]

musical genre {noun} [mus.]
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Aranjarea muzicii după album, artist, gen muzical sau altă proprietate

Arrange your music by album, artist, genre, or another property

gen: artist muzical: (Beethoven OR Mozart)

kind: music artist: (Beethoven OR Mozart)

În Biblioteca Windows Media Player, faceți clic pe o vizualizare în panoul de navigare, cum ar fi Artist, Album sau Gen muzical.

In the Player Library, click a view in the navigation pane, such as Artist, Album, or Genre.

Caracterizate prin manifestări de dans şi muzică populară, aceste festivităţi se remarcă mai ales prin fado – gen muzical tradiţional melancolic.

They are characterised by folk dance and music, particularly the traditional melancholy fado .

gen: artist muzical: (Beethoven OR Mozart)

kind: music artist: (Beethoven OR Mozart)

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