lasciv {adjective}
randy · wanton · lustful · lewd · lascivious · salacious

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lasciv {adjective}

lasciv {adj. m} (also: pofticios, senzual, nărăvaş)

randy {adj.}

lasciv {adj. m} (also: pofticios, spulberatic, sprințar, gratuit (neprovocat))

wanton {adj.}

lasciv {adj. m} (also: pofticios, senzual, lubric)

lustful {adj.}

lasciv {adj. m} (also: libidinos, lubric)

lewd {adj.}

lasciv {adj. m}

lascivious {adj.}

lasciv {adj. m} (also: senzual, scabros)

salacious {adj.}
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