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"rafinat" English translation

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rafinat {adjective}

rafinat {adj. m} (also: fin, subtil, subţire, distins (fin))

fine {adj.}

rafinat {adj. m} (also: fin, ascuţit, delicat, subtil)

subtle {adj.}

rafinat (despre zahăr) {adj. m} (also: subţire, distins (rafinat), dibaci (rafinat), fin (despre gust))

refined {adj.}

rafinat (deștept) {adj. m} (also: abil, deştept, isteţ, dibaci)

clever {adj.}

rafinat (deștept) {adj. m} (also: fin, ascuţit, delicat, subtil)

subtle {adj.}

rafinat {adj. m} (also: extravagant, luxuriant)

posh {adj.}

rafinat {adj. m} (also: manierat, transformat în dandy)

dandified {adj.}
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