zvelt {adjective}
slim · supple · harmonious · slender · lithe · lissome

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îngust (zvelt)

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zvelt {adjective}

zvelt {adj. m} (also: subţire, delicat (fin), îngust (zvelt))

slim {adj.}

zvelt {adj. m} (also: suplu, mlădios, tractabil)

supple {adj.}

zvelt {adj. m} (also: mlădios, regulat, armonios, concordant)

harmonious {adj.}

zvelt {adj. m} (also: subţire, delicat (fin), fin (despre aţă), firav)

slender {adj.}

zvelt {adj. m} (also: suplu, flexibil (despre corp))

lithe {adj.}

zvelt {adj. m} (also: suplu)

lissome {adj.}
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