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"asqueroso" English translation

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asqueroso {adjective}

asqueroso {adj.} (also: horrible, horroroso, terrible, horrorosa)

awful {adj.}

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: repugnante, asquerosa, de mal gusto, detestable)

disgusting {adj.}

"¿Acaso no lo ve?", replicó ella, "No es posible que me sienten junto a este asqueroso.

'Well, can't you see?' she said, 'I can't possibly sit next to this disgusting human.

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: apestoso, apestosa, asquerosa)

cruddy {adj.} [coll.]

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: asquerosa, repulsivo, repulsiva)

icky {adj.}

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: repugnante, asquerosa, fétida)

noisome {adj.}

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: asquerosa)

gross {adj.}

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: asquerosa, repulsivo)

repulsive {adj.}

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: asquerosa, nauseabundo, nauseabunda)

nauseating {adj.}

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: asquerosa)

loathsome {adj.}

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: fea, asquerosa, feo, horrible)

nasty {adj.}

Es realmente asqueroso.

It is really nasty.

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: repulsivo)

scuzz {adj.}

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: asquerosa)

revolting {adj.}

asqueroso {adj. m} (also: desagradable, asquerosa, asquerosos, asquerosas)

yucky (yuck) {adj.} [Amer.] [child.l.]

asqueroso (comida) {adj. m} (also: malo, asquerosa, pésima, pésimo)

lousy {adj.}


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Usage examples

Usage examples for "asqueroso" in English

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¡Esta bebida sabe a asqueroso!

This drink tastes like piss!

¡La comida sabe asqueroso!

This food tastes like crap!

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